Christian David Powers, a St. Augustine, Florida native, is a singer/songwriter with a musical style steeped in americana folk pop that reflects his passion for the ocean and wholesome living.

Christian is a humble and down to earth gentleman surrounded by a loving family and friends.  His career in music and performing started at an early age where in school he was involved with theater and chorus sparking an interest in playing drums and guitar.  Over the last 8 years he has honed his skills playing drums, guitar and singing in a variety of bands of different styles and genres exposing him to a variety of opportunities to learn and grow as a person and a writer.

Christian’s writing is thoughtful and introspective telling stories about life around him.  Surfing and the ocean are major inspirations and are reflected in the lyrics, music and harmonies of his music.  His dedication to his art is shown in his work ethic of a rigorous schedule of live performance, writing and now recording his first EP in the studio.